Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pop of Color

Hey, everyone! I'm back! I have a lot of cool pictures I want to show you from my trip, but to be honest, I'm so lazy and tired right now that they will probably show up in a few days from now. Also, as sad as it seems, I have a few posts I want to write regarding back to school shopping. I may be crying tears of sadness as I write (does anyone reallly want to go back to school?) but I do want to write about it. Anywho....

I visited a Delia's store the other day, out of town, and I found this fabulous scarf on sale! 
It has such pretty colors, and I am looking forward to using it to brighten up some outfits. The print is lovely too!

The picture above is one I took of some fake palm trees in the middle of nowhere (ok, a teennny little town.) They had such bright colors, that I really wanted to take some home to put around my neighborhood! Palm trees on the go. :)

I hope everyone is having a great summer, more posting to come!