Sunday, August 16, 2009

Puppy Love

Hey everyone, I'm back from my relaxing vacation! I took lots of pictures, which I can't wait to share! Also, I found an easier way to share my pictures, so more photography posts are bound to come up! 

EDIT: I think I have the picture problem fixed, so hopefully you can see them. They aren't as big as they used to be, because for some reason the big ones weren't showing up. Still working on getting it so they will be bigger. Sorry about the size. 

I know, I may have an obsession with taking dog pictures, but they are just so nice. They don't complain, they don't have "bad sides", and it's always fun to try and capture a dog who doesn't sit still for long! So here are some dog pictures from the trip, enjoy!

Just as an FYI, none of these pictures were staged! 

Also, I thought I'd mention this that I'm asking you to not take pictures I have taken without my consent. It hasn't happened, and probably won't, but I'm just being cautious. You can tell which ones are mine because I say, "When I took these pictures.." or something along those lines.

Have a good week!