Friday, August 7, 2009

you might call it an invasion.

I try to stay away from celebrity stuff on this blog, but when I hear Miley Cyrus was putting out clothing for Walmart, I thought I'd check it out. Just to see. I figured it would be stupid clothing that was produced just to make more money (that girl could probably save Africa with all her money...just saying.) But I was pleasantly surprised. Plaid is still going strong, but some of it is prett expensive as far as plaid goes. So a $12 plaid shirt? Great! If I don't end up liking it, no biggie.
Versatile Plaid

It works for summer, and winter! I'm really wanting to try wearing it unbottoned with a cute v neck. I might have to go get it! 
Night Out
Not a whole lot of other things caught my eye, except for the ruffly blouse. It looks perfect for a night out, just pair with skinnies and super cute boots! 

I'll probably be heading to a Walmart sometime soon, and will have to check out those two pieces. What do you think of her line?

Much love,