Monday, September 21, 2009

High Heels, Tall People, and Annoying Questions

This is for all my tall blogger friends out there! I'm fairly tall, and (of course!) have worn heels before. I'm sure every tall blogger that has worn heels has had at least one person say, "You're so tall," or "Why are you wearing heels?" 

Well for one, I obviously know I'm already tall. And two, I'm wearing them because I can and because I want to. 

Aren't those people annoying?

But I guess they are the same people that stare at you when you aren't dressed stereotypically.
Bottom line...My dear tall friends, wear heels. Seriously. It is empowering, and you can prove to those pesky people that being tall does in no way limit you to flats! Here are some heels to get you started...whether you are going for a huge lift or a small boost.
Smaller heel, from Payless
This is a pretty tall shoe! Alloy

Of course, the medium. Forever 21.

Have fun wearing heels!