Saturday, September 19, 2009

ready to move on

I'll admit, I miss summer. And I will also say I'm looking forward to spring. But, winter is coming and I can't help but get excited! (Sorry, fall. Nothing personal.) I've imagined the perfect lazy winter day, the one where you stay inside because there is no way you are going out in that blizzard. 

I'll start the day off in my cozy flannel. 
I will snuggle in this all day, because it is so soft and warm. 

Then, I will take out a book and start reading. 
I will read my giant book of travel, fashion magazines, mysteries, histories, and romance.
I have all day to read, and nowhere to go. 

Sometime during my reading and being cozy in my flannel,
 I will make a cup of hot chocolate to warm me up. 
I might even add some marshmallows!

And then, I would go to bed content and peaceful.