Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'll stop procrastinating...tomorrow

For the joy of all you procrastinators out there, I have compiled a list of the top 10 sites to go to when you feel a serious need to procrastinate. A bit of a text heavy post, but you'll thank me later!! 

So here they particular order...

Celebrity stalking, anyone?

I could spend days browsing the amazing array of pictures here.

Style, humor, and interesting stories all found here.

I spent a few days reading every single post on this site about a year ago. Great fashion tips and articles.

Maybe your life isn't so bad once you read these pathetic stories.

Just check this out. Seriously. Fun.

So many fashion articles, on a budget, of course.

8. OPI
Did you know so many nail polish colors existed??!!

Looking for inspiration? Be prepared to be overwhelmed with amazing style. Warning: You may never leave this site!

Fashion, makeup, humor, and music videos, all in one place. Gotta love it.

So there you go. Ten sites to use as means of procrastination. 
Have fun procrastinating, I know I will!!!

Much love,