Friday, October 16, 2009

No Jeans Exploration: Part 1

Yes, I have been MIA these past few days, but like most other bloggers, it was due to overwhelming school assignments and stressful classes. Life would be so much easier without school, right?:) 

Anyway, I've decided to put together a multiple part series/exploration on the topic of what to wear instead of jeans. Jeans are great, and I love them, but there are lots of other options out there! The format for this exploration, which will be posted on and off throughout the next couple weeks,  will likely be as follows:
Part 1: Pants to wear instead of jeans
Part 2: How to wear those pants in outfits
Part 3: Skirts to wear 
Part 4: Outfit ideas with the aforementioned skirts
Part 5: Dresses to wear
Part 6: Outfits with those dresses

Keep in mind this is just a rough outline of this exploration, and will be based on fall outfits. 
So without further ado, Part 1: Pants to wear instead of jeans.

Boot cut Cords from Alloy
7 colors
When you are looking for something brighter, these cords will do the trick
Old Navy Black Pants
2 colors
Definitely a more relaxed pant, but chic all the same

Alloy Stretch Trouser
6 colors
A basic trouser, and a bit more dressy

AE Favorite Pant
5 colors
Probably my favorite. I love the thicker hem on the bottom, the grey color, and the total versatility.

What do you think of the new exploration, and of these pants?