Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fashionable, Affordable, and Beautiful Winter Coats

Winter is just around the corner, or it may have even hit you yet. Being cold is absolutley no fun, but sometimes it is hard to find cute, affordable coats that actually keep you warm! I went on a search to find great winter coats. Here are some of the best places to find good coats, and the cute coats themselves.

Keep in mind, "affordable" is different for every person. I am a high school student with no job, therefore "affordable" is basically always under $100. 


Faux Leather Bomber

Tulle Walking Coat

It may not seem like Nordstrom has affordable coats, but check again! These two coats are completely affordable. Nordstrom is know for quality, as well, so you are buying a good coat that will last you for a while. 

Belted Pea Coat

Herringbone Bomber
Delias has lots, and I mean lots, of affordable coats. They come in nearly every color. Pea coats can be purchased in almost any length, from cropped to thigh to knee length. If you are looking for an affordable Pea Coat, I would defenitely check out Delias, or it's sister site Alloy.

Old Navy

Belted Trench Coat

Cropped Pea Coat

Old Navy has one of the best trench coat options around! It comes in two colors, and is so chic and amazingly affordable. They also have some great Pea Coat options, also coming in different lengths and colors. 

Some other places to check out coats:

* Forever 21
-Affordable, but not known for amazing quality

*American Eagle
-A bit more expensive, but good quality.

Tell me what you think about these coats and options. Where do you get your coats?