Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Winter's Night

Holy smokes! Is it just me, or does darkness descend amazingly early? Right now, it's about 7:30 at night and pitch black outside. Makes me want to grab a warm blanket, cup of hot chocolate, and an intriguing book. Burrowing, basically!
Today, these boots below finally came! They are amazing. I think they are the perfect ankle boot. These boots are big enough to have skinny jeans tucked into them, but still look good with tights or leggings.

Isn't it nice how a package can completely cheer you up after a rough day? Yes, packages cheer me up. It was funny, I showed my dad the boots, and our conversation went something like this...
Me: Here are my new boots!
Dad: Oh, I like them a lot more than those Ugg boots. They are yesterday!
Me: Well, uh, yah...everyone wears Uggs at our school.
Dad: Exactly! When everyone is wearing them, it's time to move on.

Maybe my dad knows more about style and fashion than I thought he did?!

Ok, let's see...Oh yes, on the topic of burrowing. I was browsing Anthropologies website. For one, their site is so well put together and easy to use! But the main thing I'm trying to say is that their sleepwear is...cute! I'll admit, I don't really put a big focus on looking cute when I am sleeping. But if I could get this sleepwear, maybe I would! Check it out.

And yes, this is specifically sleepwear!

I'm about to drift off to sleep!

Have a great Wednesday/Thursday!!