Sunday, January 31, 2010


So recently, I was tagged for an award by Luinae from More Magic Always. She has a wonderful, creative blog so you should go check it out!

The award asks us to share 7 things about ourselves, and tag 7 other wonderful blogs. But because I find it hard to choose only 7 out of all the blogs I read, I decided to just choose one blog that has been particularly inspiring. So here we go--7 things about myself.

1. I love to read. And unfortunately, I've got a library fine to prove it. For the record, though, I'm always good about bringing my books back. I just...lost track of time!

2. I really hope that my future job will have something to do with Photography, it's really a passion of mine.

3. I play soccer.

4. Starburst are pretty much the best candy. Ever.

5. I have lived where I live my entire life. Not that there's anything wrong with where I live, it's just a fact.

6. Art, as in actually drawing and painting, is not my thing. Seriously, I had to take an art class at school and some things came out disastrous. My artistic side comes out in photography.

7. I'm seriously indecisive. It takes me the longest time to make a decision, even if it's a small one, like what candy to get at the store. (Although I usually just revert to my favorite:)

So I am passing this award on to Tangerine Umbrellas On An Indigo Day. These two girls have an awesome blog. It's so inspiring, and their outfits are lovely.

Have a wonderful Sunday!