Sunday, January 3, 2010

Here's To You

Hello, dearies!

I am back from my vacation. I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful New Years! I have lots of pictures that I'm excited to show you! But for this post, I was going to post some fashion resolutions for 2010. I'm working on getting inspired....10 days away from all your clothes and the internet can leave you uninspired! So while I work on that, here are my fashion resolutions for 2010.

1. Dress up.

This was one of my previous resolutions, and I am continuing to use it. I have said it before; dressing up means many different things. Basically, I will continue to put effort into my outfits and never settle for anything I feel frumpy in.

2. Experiment.

I'm sure everyone has that one thing in their closet that they got, and either haven't worn it, or haven't been creative with it. I resolve to try out items I haven't worn much, and restyle items in new ways.

3. Buy with purpose.

This year, I want to clean out my closet so I can see what I really need. I think it is easy to say, "Oh I have to have this," and then realize you have nothing to wear it with! I am going to buy with a purpose; things that can enrich, expand, and create a better wardrobe.

4. Continue creating my style

I kow what I like, and what I feel good in, so I am going to continue working to create 'my style'. I really can't yet explain what that is, seeing as I'm still working on it!

5. Confidence

I know I had this resolution as well, and it is a great one. If I'm not confident in clothes, I need to find out why. And if it is just because some people may not like my outfit, then I need to say, "Who cares what they think."

So there.
My fashion resolutions for 2010.
I know this was a text-heavy post, but stick with me!
I'm working on getting inspired!
So here's to you, 2009. You were a great year, but now it's time to move on.

Here's to you, 2010, and all the good things you may bring.