Friday, January 15, 2010

Wish List

For 2010, I've decided to compile a wish list. It's more than a wish list, though. This list is one full of items that I really think will be able to remain a part of my wardrobe for a long time. The staples, I guess you could say. These are things that I hope to acquire as I go through high school, and even into college. I say that because I won't be able to afford to get them all at once.

I've decided that I'm going to clean out my closet of all the things I don't wear in order to make room for the new. Once again, these are items that I will acquire over time. Additionally, they are things that will be classic additions, things that will be able to be mixed and matched, and things that I feel will help my wardrobe become a more solid one so to speak. So here we go, the wish list. Some of the items are fairly general, but that's just because for soem categories I want a variety of types.

1. A pair of dark wash bootcut jeans.

They need to be a little longer in length, so I can wear heels with them. They need to be flattering, and a dark wash.

2. A boyfriend blazer.

I'm still looking for the perfect one. It needs to not be too loose, but fit like a boyfriend blazer should fit.

3. These boots, in black.

They're the perfect heel size, perfect color, perfect everything.

4. Slouchy T's.

I want to get some oversized slouchy t's. They really go with everything.

5. Heels.

I would like some heels. I don't know what I'm looking for, but I know when I see it. Anyone have any good places to shop for heels? I don't want super high ones, because with all the rain we have every single day, that's not quite practical.

6. Dresses/Skirts.

It's a pretty open category. Since I never used to wear any, I need to get more! I would like another high waisted skirt, and some patterend or one color dresses that can be dressed up or down.

7. Accessories.

I have a bunch of necklaces, but they all fall around the same length. I think if I can get more layering necklaces, I will be set.

8. A nice leather handbag.

I really like this one, but it's way to expensive for me.

That's all for now. I will add in anything else if/when I think about it! What do you think of this list? I think that this will really help my, my wardrobe, and my style develop!

Much love,