Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love is in the Air

So it's February. The month where people start to stress over what to get their special someone for Valentines day. The month where people start to stress over getting a special someone! Whether you're living the single life or not, there's one thing for sure; we all want to look fabulous on this day. This could mean looking cute as you watch movies at home, or as you head out on a date.

Here are three outfit inspirations for Valentines Day.

1. Lounging at Home


If you're staying home to watch movies or have a girls night in, you should look cute and cozy! A heart printed raglan gives a subtle nod to Valentines Day, while flannel pants and comfy slippers keep you snuggly all day/night!

2. Casual Date/Hanging with Friends

I'm not quite sure how this relates to Valentines day, but it truly is a cute, casual outfit for a more casual date or hanging out with friends. You'll be chic and comfortable with this on.

3. A Party or A Night Out


Perfect for a fancy party or night out, this outfit will have you looking fabulous. Give a nod to Valentines Day with a heart pendant, but switch it up with some purple tights. Hey, who needs pink or red anyway?

What are you doing for Valentines Day?