Monday, March 15, 2010

Adore and Abhor

What a crazy few weeks it has been. Lot's of school and sports related "things" to do, a little shopping, and trying to fit *gasp* sleep into the schedule! Plus, the time change threw me for a loop. What a perfect time for an Adore and Abhor list!

♥ My new dress. It's the American Eagle one from a few recent posts. It's so comfy, fits perfectly, floral, versatile, and all around amazing!

♥ The books I've been reading. This weekend, I actually had time to read a few books not for school. It was amazing!

♥ The sun breaks. Little by little, we're getting more sun!

♥ My fabulous followers, all of which I love very much!

♥ The fact that Spring Break is fast approaching.

♥ My new purple sweater, originally $50, I got it for $5. That's what I call a good sale.

X State testing this week. Yuck.

X Still abhoring math. That may never change.

So what are you adoring and abhoring this week?