Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have wanted to get a boyfriend blazer for quite some time now. I find them extremely versatile, classic yet on trend, and perfect for numerous occasions. This boyfriend blazer, from Nordstrom, comes in two colors, black and charcoal. The price??

28 dollars. Yes, only 28 dollars, on sale from 58 dollars. So....this will hopefully become mine soon. (Crosses fingers and starts counting money.)

To justify the purchase, however, I thought I would have to have a few ideas on how to wear it. Hence, these outfit inspirations with the boyfriend blazer. (PS: Ignore what the person is wearing, besides the blazer, of course.)

Outfit One: Simple Spring
Keep it simple for spring/early summer with neutral pieces, like a grey tank and nude/white flats. Short shorts, the boyfriend blazer, and a bright pop of green complete this outfit.

Outfit 2: Casual

Another casual outfit, that lets the blazer do the talking. Cute boots, and simple necklaces, make the blazer stand out.

Outfit 3: Floral Fun
The great thing about this outfit is that once you replace the sandals with boots, you have a versatile winter look. (Add tights, of course!) The blazer compliments the girly floral, while studded shoes add just enough sass to make it interesting.

How do you wear your boyfriend blazer?