Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's Sunny, Say What?

These days, I need all the encouragement I can get. That's why it really helps when I wake up to a room full of sunshine! It's so nice to feel the warmth on your back, and a slight breeze in your hair. Since it's only March, however, these days can be somewhat rare. To help you maximize your sunny days, here are some ideas on how to spend them!

♥ Get off the computer. Seriously, log off of facebook. Set your blogging aside until later that night. Just get. out. side.

♥ Go on a run or a walk. You will feel good after exercising, especially in the sun.

♥ Take pictures. Grab your friend, or the flowers, and snap away!

♥ Sit on your lawn/porch/steps and read.

♥ If for some reason you can't go outside, open up your windows to let the light in and the breeze filter through your rooms.

♥ Take a nap outside on the lawn. Don't forget your sunscreen!

♥ Put your school and other stresses to the back of your mind, even if only for a half hour or fifteen minutes. Take a break and head outside.

♥ Whatever you choose to do, just get outside and do it! Sunny days in March can be rare, so spend them wisely!