Friday, March 26, 2010

A Letter to the Weather

Dearest Weather:

You know I love you, right? Your timing is (almost) always good. You help me, rather than hinder me. But quite frankly, I'm a little confused right now. You see, one day, it's sunny. Outside, it's warm, the flowers are blooming, and I feel like pulling on my girly floral dresses and cute sandals. I get excited for the coming summer, the coming sun, the coming traveles. I start to imagine what I will do with my sunny day, and then I even go online to look at sunny pictures for inspiration.

But then, my dear weather, you throw me a curve ball. Just as I'm sliding into my shoes, debating whether or not to throw on a light cardigan, you change, faster than I can ask, "Why". Instead of sandals and dresses without tights and shirts without sleeves, I must reach for my thick socks and boots, coats, and scarves. It's raining, it pouring, my heart no longer soaring. If there is no rain, there is cold.

Don't get me wrong, dearie, I'm just asking for a little cooperation. If you're going to rain, rain. If you're going to let your sun shine, then by all means let it shine! But please, I'm begging you, don't rain then shine within the course of a few hours. It really throws me for a loop.

I know that change is hard, sweet weather. I struggle with it too. But don't be afraid to change from winter to spring. Trust me, it only gets better from here. So I'm asking you nicely, weather. Please be better.

Sincerely, Kathryn

All images taken from We Heart It