Sunday, April 18, 2010

How To Sparkle: Part 1

A little sparkle is defenitely a bonus. When you sparkle, you feel better. You shine. And no, I'm not talking about sparkles that relate to certain vampires. You defenitely don't have to yearn for your friend's blood to sparkle. Everyone loves to sparkle, and to feel good. Period. Obviously, by the word sparkle, I'm not referring to literal sparkles on oneself. (Although a little glitter never hurt!) I'm referring to those outward actions that make you sparkle! So here, in part 1, are some tips, ideas, and activities to help you sparkle.

♥ Work on your skin. Wash it regularly, and take care of it. When you love your skin, you'll sparkle.

♥ Apply a hint of glitter eyeshadow for some literal sparkle.

♥ Smile. Period.

♥ Treat others like you'd treat yourself.

♥ As a matter of fact, treat yourself like you'd treat others. Your charming personality will make you sparkle!

♥ No matter how down you are, dears, listen to happy music. Sad music makes you, well, sad.

♥ Exercise. It's good for you, and can help you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself, you sparkle!

♥ Add some literal sparkle to your outfit (inspiration coming in part 2!)

Everyone deserves to sparkle, dearies.


All pictures from WeHeartIt.