Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to Sparkle: Part 2

It took some time getting this post together, but here is How to Sparkle: Part 2. Part two is more focused on clothing that can get you an added sparkle, because Part 1 was all about changes you could make to your body or personality, things like a simple smile. Part 2 is about how you can add some literal sparkle to your outfit or ensemble.

1. Add a little glam to your feet with these sparkly converse, from Delias
2. Perhaps you're going for subtle, yet at the same time powerful. Try a glittery headband, it will engulf you in a halo of sparkle goodness.
3. Not only does this slouchy t give you sparkles, but a bow as well. Two for one! (Delias)

4. A purse with sparkles is just so fitting, from Forever 21.
4. Spice up a regular shirt or tank with this cute vest. You are sure to sparkle in it! (AE)

What do you think? Ready to add a litle sparkle to your outfits??