Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wish List Update

Remember my list, here? Well it was my Wish List, a list of staples that I would/will add to my wardrobe slowly, but surely. Right now, I have an update for the list. While nothing has really been checked off (it is a pretty open list) somethings have been purchased.

Item Number 4: Slouchy Tee's

I was looking for inexpensive slouchy t-shirts, generally in an assortment of colors, but specifically white. While I'm still on the lookout for the perfect colored slouchy t, I think I have found perfection in my men's small, pack of 5, v-neck shirts. These shirts are incredibly comfortable, at amazing prices, and can be found really anywhere. Because of the men's small size, the shirt was perfectly slouchy on me, which was exactly what I wanted. The one downside is that the sleeves were a little long, as short sleeves, because they were meant for men. Otherwise, though, this is something I am so happy to have in my wardrobe.

Item Number 6: Dresses/Skirts

I got this dress from American Eagle, except in a darker blue with a larger floral print. I know AE is seen as really common/total high school stereotype, give them a chance. This dress fits like it was made for me, and is comfortable to boot. What more can you ask for in a dress?

So while nothing is really getting checked off of the list, progress has been made!

Thanks for all the positve responses to Vivien's interview! It was a lot of fun to interview her, and her work really is an inspiration.