Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Modest Proposal

First of all, let me clarify. This post will not be suggesting you should eat your babies, or any peasant babies, as means of survival. (Jonathon Swift, anyone?) Ha. Now that I cleared that up, you can watch this post take a sharp turn onto the topic of modesty. It's a text heavy post, but I think you'll find it an interesting one. I know many people will have vastly different opinions on this, and maybe some of you even (perhaps) have a similar opinion.

There are so many different aspects of modesty, and how it relates to fashion and clothing, but the main part of it for me is maintaining modesty while still wearing what I want to wear. Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying that I never show my ankles or shoulders (because I do!). I love wearing my high waisted skirt, floral dresses above my knee, and a variety of shorts. In general, though, I try to implement (especially for dresses and skirts) the arm rule. If it's shorter than my arms when they're hanging by my side, then it's too short.

I know that seems fairly elementary school, but if you think about it, it makes sense. Modesty aside, it's hard to feel confident about what you're wearing when a burst of wind could expose a little more than you want to.

And then the shorts. Let me repeat this: I love shorts above the knee! It just seems to me that shorts with 2 inch inseams are a little unnecessary. Shorts that barely cover your butt are "in" right now, but let's face it. Showing your rear end to the world just isn't really appreciated. In a world where less is more, it seems that people are exposing more and more of themselves to just anybody. Call me old fashioned, (I'm a teenager), but walking around with your butt showing isn't attractive.

Yes, I have seen some people rock short shorts in a totally cute way, and still be modest. Please don't think that I'm saying wearing short pieces of clothing is bad, because that's not what I'm saying.

What is your opinion on modesty, and fashion?