Thursday, May 13, 2010

Somebody Like You

"And I'm letting go of all my lonely yesterdays.
I'm forgivin' myself for the mistakes I've made."

-Somebody Like You (Keith Urban)


Being uninspired is no fun, but getting sudden bouts of inspiration is the best! I'm slowly working myself back into this poor blog, after being consumed by a mountain of school work and sports. You'd think that teachers would let up a little near the end of the year, but clearly they never get the memo.

I'm sure that at the end of the year, teachers think, "Dang. I'm almost out of time! Now I have to cram in 8 years of teaching into 4 weeks! Ahh yes, that's what I'll do."

But anywho, on to important things. Like the weather! I wore a skirt without tights for the first time the other day. It's finally starting to feel like summer (despite the fact that I still have a month left of school).What better time, though, to start a summer checklist! These items on my list will just pop up in random posts (kinda like this one here!)

Item # 7: Get some darn inspiration.

Yes, the best is yet to come.