Sunday, June 13, 2010

Put A Ring On It

Basically what this absence comes down to is either a) a whole lot of (true) excuses about my life, or b) this awesome analogy that I myself came up with! I'm going to have to choose b). Gotta change it up sometimes.

So if this blog were a plant, it would be dead. And in the trash. I am not even in denial! I admit, I am a neglector! I AM A PLANT KILLER!! Thankfully, however, this blog is not a plant, it's not dead, and it is SO not in the trash. Thankfully, I still have followers (I hope) who are very much alive and well. Hopefully, you have not given up on me. Hopefully.

Now on to some news. As I mentioned a while back, I am going to Belgium!!!! I leave June 28, and won't be back until the July 28. This means that I defenitely won't be posting for a month during the summer. I know, I know, that sucks. (Or hopefully you think it sucks, because if you do, it means you enjoy my blog!) School finally ends this week, and I'll try to get as many content-loaded, awe inspiring, award winning, informational posts up throughout the week before I leave.

So last weekend, I went shopping with my mom. And it was then, when we were looking at jewlery in Forever 21, that I realized how my fingers severely lacked in accessories. This past week, I've realized how just a simple (or not so simple!) ring could totally change an outfit. I got a cute owl one, a large flower ring, and a collection of smaller silver rings. My fingers are now successfully adorned! Here are some other cute ones I found.

Do you usually adorn your fingers, or keep them bare?


PS: On a completely unrelated note, any other soccer fans out there watching the World Cup?!?!?! Tell me who you're rooting for!