Thursday, June 24, 2010

Traveling Forever

I think I've always underestimated the skill it takes to pack a suitcase. For the majority of the time during the summer, I end up traveling in a car. While defenitely slower, this does allow me to constantly sneak in a few extra sometimes. What can I say, I have a tendency to overpack. This certainly is not a good quality sometimes, especially as I begin to pack for roughly four weeks in Belgium. I really would find it much easier to just bring my entire closet, but of course, that is highly impossible.

To sum up my feelings about packing, it's this: Why can't I look like a Teen Vogue model while traveling to a foreign country? After looking at this spread, I also wonder how much these girls had to pay for their extra baggage fee's. Ha. But anyway, these pictures, though old, are a reminder to me that I can still look (or try to look) fabulous, no matter how far from home I am.

All picture credit to Teen Vogue.