Sunday, September 19, 2010

Isn't It Romantic

It's fall. I've officially said goodbye to summer, which also means I must officially say goodbye (at least for now) to my variety of bright, sparkly, "summer" nail polishes. Yes, it's sad, but that means I get to try out "Isn't It Romantic" by OPI. Using two coats, the color is a very pearly, light pink color. I think it's perfect for that transition from your summer colors to the darker colors of fall. I've been thinking of two outfits that would perfectly compliment this shade, and here they are.

1: Early Fall
Early Fall

Somtimes, despite the fact that it's fall, you have some really (random) sunny days. This outfit, while complimenting your nails with a charcoal grey sweater and pale pink top, also mixes a hint of the leopard print trend into your ensemble. Cropped pants let the shoes be seen, making this outfit perfect for an early fall day.

2: Later

Stripes, check. Floral, check. Which leads to mixed prints, check. Large knit sweater for warmth, and ankle boots? Double check. Need I say more?

What nail polishes do you like to wear in fall?