Friday, December 3, 2010

Making the Most of Your Mornings

We've all been there. The early class/job/meeting/thing, that just happens to occur on a morning after you stayed up for what seemed like forever doing something. (really, really important somethings!) When you wake up, you're tired (duh) and usually the last thing you want to do is waltz into your closet and pick out a sweet outfit. But alas, you also don't want to be a major slob all day. What to do, what to do, right?

First of all, let me say this: We've all heard a million (and one) times that you should really spend time the night before picking out an outfit. But what's one to do when they had no time the night before, and have no time in the morning? Read on.

1. Have a go to outfit. Yes, probably heard this one before too, but that's because it's essential. Of course, there's the standard cardigan and skinny jeans. Your go to outfit could, however, be something just as simple, but not as standard.

Lazy Morning

Substitute in wide leg trousers and a striped sweater for the cardigan and skinny jeans, add in some accessories, and you've created a go-to outfit.
(Wide leg trousers + sweater + accessories + cute shoe= Go To Outfit Formula 1)

On the other hand, you could avoid jeans all together, and still have a simple, easy, chic go to outfit.

Lazy Morning 2

(Simple dress + coat + bright accessory/scarf= Go To Outfit 2)

2. Key Pieces
If you're not one who likes to just have a standard outfit at the ready, then another way to make the most of your morning would be to know what key pieces you have, and be able to work with them even if you're half asleep.

Maybe your key piece is a classic blazer or trenchcoat.

Or it could be a bright scarf or a sparkling headband that inspires you in the morning.

Other Ideas to Use in the Morning:

♥ Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

♥ Wear what you're drawn to. It will only take you longer to get ready if you try on 890 outfits, and end up wearing the first one you tried on.

♥ Be confident in whatever you decide to wear!