Friday, January 28, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Friday

This week has been the longest, cloudiest, "blah" week ever. Each day since Tuesday has felt like a Friday, and there were some tragic things that happened that gave the whole week a just plain "weird" feeling. In an attempt to give myself a good laugh, brighten my mood, I began looking through old pictures. When I came across this gem, I knew it was perfect for this post.

The original awkward. {I'm on the right.}

Before you judge me as a selfish kid who has two ice cream cones, can I explain? I was actually holding my Grandma's cone and mine. So actually, I was being generous. Not selfish. And my lip? Yeah, classic awkward me.



- When your professor asks "Do you understand?" and you nod your head, even though you're even more lost now than before. Every day, my friends.

- People hanging out in parking lots. Come on, that's just weird.

- Parking. When people are watching. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel totally awkward parking when someone's watching??

- Walking behind someone smoking. I'm not trying to be obvious here {or maybe I am...}, but my cough should let you know I don't appreciate it.

- High School. It just is.


- Having a week without tests, quizzes, or exams.

- Looking through old pictures. It's just so funny {although as seen above, can be awkward.}

- When every weekend is a three day weekend. Fabulous!

- When you get an assignment that you actually enjoy doing. A friend and I are creating a Spanish movie, and it's a blast. {Okay, maybe it sounds lame. But it's fun!}

How awkward {or awesome} has your week been?