Tuesday, January 18, 2011

easy as one, two, tee

If you were to ask a person some of their favorite basics, chances are a white t-shirt would be somewhere on the list. They're presented as the must have basic, which is somewhat ironic then that it seems a lot of people don't wear them. Why? Because a) It really is so basic that no one thinks it necessary to actually own {it is, though. really, it is} or b) someone owns a white tee but because it's so basic they have no idea how to style it. Let's face it, if you wear a white t alone, it can be a bit...boring. Instead, they should be the opposite! Need some inspiration? It's as easy as 1, 2, tee. {Get it? One, two, tee? I'm sneaky, aren't I.}

1. Here's the Skinny

White Tee

When you decide to wear skinny jeans on the bottom, you'll want your white tee to be a bit baggier on top to balance everything out. Wearing a white tee is the perfect time to experiment with colors, because your top is literally a blank canvas!

2. Layered
White Tee 2

Layering. Now, obviously you wouldn't want to layer so much that the white tee disappears, because then what's the point, right? But subtle layers, like layering a white tee over a floral dress, can create unexpected and new outfits. Exactly what one needs.


Buying white t-shirts can be daunting, because there are so many options. Personally, I've found mine at Target or Hanes. Hanes t-shirts are perfectly slouchy and can be shrunken down if you prefer a more fitted look. Really, though, there's something out there for any price range or style.

Go on. Now is the time to wear that white tee.