Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to Battle the Rain: Part 1

As much as I hate to admit it, the rain {or snow, or wind, depending on where you live} is here, and it's here to stay {for a while at least}. After a long period of rain, I begin to feel like my outfits are monotonous and my mood is rather dreary. Because of this, I've composed a two part series on how to battle the rain. In this first part, we'll be talking about self {how to keep your mood up, things to do, and the like}. Ready?

1.Be A {Board Game} Player

Rainy Day

Rainy days present the perfect opportunity to pop some popcorn, pull out those board games, and have some family {or friends} fun. There's Scrabble, Monopoly {Hershey's Monopoly!!}, Cribbage, and more. Why bother going outside when you can have all the fun inside? Plus, games will take your mind off of the crummy weather.

2. Take time for yourself {to keep your mood up}.

As fun as it is to be around friends and family, after it's been raining {or snowing, or just plain grey outside} you really need to take time to yourself. Especially if the weather has been grating on your nerves, it's essential to "check out" for a little while. Your time to yourself doesn't have to be long {although it could be}, it just has to be enough time to get your mood back up.

♥ Take a nap.
♥ Read the book you never have time to read {not a school one!}
♥ A long hot bubble bath usually cures all your weather blues.
♥ Journal/Write/Reflect
♥ Sit in front of the fire. Just sit. Relax. Renew.

3. Don't dwell on the weather you don't have.

If you just wondered "what in the world does that mean!" let me explain. It's easy to go online and check out the weather in warmer places. {I'm guilty.} Looking at pictures, blogs, or forecasts from warmer locations, though, will really just make you feel even worse. Obviously, none of this is bad to a certain degree. {I've got quite a few blogs from California that I often read!} But, if you're obsessing over looking at pictures/blogs from warmer places, it will make the reality {WINTER!} feel even harsher.

If you have any rainy day thoughts, I'd love to hear them! Part 2 will be up within the next few days.