Sunday, January 9, 2011

p is for pretty and princess and pink

I've never really been one to love the color pink. Some girls grow up wanting pink cars, a pink room, a pink house {maybe not..}, and just a pink life in general. While I'm not against pink, I just don't want everything I own to be pink. However, pink in small quantities is a good thing. A very good thing, actually.

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This is "Italian Love Affair" by OPI. It's a really Barbie-ish, cotton candy colored pink that reminds me of a princess dress. It's the type of pink that I could probably never pull off in excess, but looks fabulous on my nails.

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{Italian Love Affair}

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As an added bonus, the pink looks good with my {kind of creepy, kind of cute} owl ring. Gotta love animal jewelry, am I right?

Yes, yes I am.