Sunday, January 2, 2011

that moment when the light bulb goes on and you're inspired

Is there really a better way to start off the New Year than to start it off inspired? {Well maybe, but for the sake of my story, we'll say no. Okay?} I assume it's a pretty normal feeling to feel inspired, renewed, and just plain fresh at the start of a new year, and I suppose I'm no different. Whether it's been from a Christmas present, an online article, or just from an unexpected burst of confidence, I've become inspired. {By songs, too! Can't forget songs.} Inspired from things, and inspired to do things. Ready? Onward.


I may as well get this out there now: I really like shoes. {Gasp! But really, it's kinda a "duh".} I love the shoes I have, but I also feel as if there's room to improve my shoe rack. Because sometimes, shoes can make a normally cute outfit something special. While my handy dandy shoe collage does feature flats {super cute flats, I might add} it's the heels that have been inspiring me. If I find a cute, affordable pair of heels this year, I'm going to snatch 'em up. Enough of the "I'm already 5'8"" or "Will I be too freakishly tall?!". Enough said.

Next up, a song by Anthems. {As you can definitely see above.} It's called "Smile On", and here's a little bit of lyrical goodness for you.

"Where everything is in it's place,
And I can't stop, the smile on my face
'Cause I'm happy, I'm happy in this place."


Thanks to my lovely family, I've welcomed a few things into my closet. For me, they've been incredible inspiring. It's like a breath of fresh air in my closet; by adding a piece I know I'll wear a lot, I've instantly spiced up future outfits.
New Year
{Warning: this may be too cliche for some to handle!} This year is going to be all about confidence in what I wear. I'm a Junior in High School, and while my confidence has improved since middle school {shudder. did ANYONE like middle school?} I'm not where I want to be. No more of the "I wonder what people will think." I'm going to wear what I want to wear. So there! And something that's been way inspirational: This article right here. So go on, click the link.

And that's how I've been inspired. Here I come, world.