Friday, February 4, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Friday



-Running a yellow light. It's not like it's wrong or illegal, but I always feel guilty.

- Talking to someone you don't really know, and then walking seperate ways mid conversation. "Oh, uh, bye. See you tomorrow." Inside I'm thinking "Oh, uh, that was awkward. Don't even know your name."

-Driving next to someone at the same speed. It's like, oh hey car that's going exactly the same speed I am.

- When your professor says, "This math is easier when you're drunk." Hold that thought, sir, until I'm actually old enough to drink...oh wait, I never want to be drunk. So that statement is not only awkward, but invalid.

-Watching your classmates Spanish video in which the "girl" turns out to be a guy. Our teacher's comment? "That was borderline horror movie." Awkward!


-Apparently, someone was listening to my post yesterday, because today was sunny for a moment! Not exactly warm, but it's a start!

- Spending the past weekend with my Dad and sister. She just got back from Costa Rica and we had some catching up to do.

- My schedule for the next quarter. It just is.

- Going to the library. I know this may just make me a nerd, but I could seriously browse there all day!

- A great conversation with my friend about how it's easier to branch out with your style in college rather than high school. Way less judgement once people grow up.

- Having a girls night all planned out. They are just so much fun!

-All the new faces around here.

How awkward {and awesome} has your week been?