Friday, February 11, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Friday



- When people spit. And when they spit when they're close to you. I mean, come on people. Awkward for me, and gross for everyone.

- The Black Eyed Peas halftime show. I just felt bad for them. Live isn't really their thing, now.

- Having to say no to girls selling Campfire candy. Sorry, kiddos. I'm home alone and have no money.

- When your large ring gets somewhat tangled up in your hair. Thankfully, I was at home so I could detangle it without being stared at, but still.

- Turning around to check the clock {for the 17th time} in class, and accidentally making eye contact with someone. My bad, I was gazing at the clock. Not you.

- Watching people sleep in class. No joke, this person was out. {Okay, so it's kind of funny, too. But mostly awkward.}

- I've mentioned slow walkers. And smokers. But get this: people walking slow while smoking! It's two of the biggest awkwards.


-Pulling out my dad's old film camera, and ordering film. I'm so excited to start taking some pictures with it!

-Listening to my Summer 2010 playlist, just because I can. Oh, the memories. {Does this count as nostalgia? Let's just say it doesn't.}

- Being feautured here and here. Really, this was pretty much the highlight of my week!

- Coming home after a rather awful day, and climbing into bed with comfy clothes.

- Looking forward to a lunch on Valentines Day with one of my best friends.

- Delicious french fries from a local burger place. Seriously, they were incredible. {And yes, I do realize I've had food in this awesome section at least once every week. I like my food, ok.}