Friday, February 18, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Friday


- When the sun is right behind the stop light, so you're squinting really obviously, and you're sure the car next to you is like "Wow, that girl's weird."

- The people that make Valentine's Day into "Singles Awareness Day" and tell everyone to wear black. Do these people realize you can love your family and friends too?

- Waving at someone, and then having them not see your wave. Yes, that would be my hand awkwardly hanging mid air.

- Turning into a skinny alley at the same time as a car is pulling out. That's a tight squeeze. Plus, I try to wave at the other driver but just get scowled out. Wrong side of the bed, dear?

- When dog hair shows up on every. single. piece. of clothing. Especially when people notice it. I need a full body lint roller.

- The fact that about 90% of my awkward moments occur due to:
a) driving/parking
b) walking

- When people wave at you from behind tinted windows. Sorry, I have no idea who you are because your windows are just too tinted. That's why I only half smiled at you.



- Having a friend who lives out of town coming back for a weekend! It's so awesome to see far away friends.

- Getting a prime parking spot. Which means I don't have to speedwalk {or jog/sprint on a bad day} to class.

- Looking through my CD collection. Keep your CD's friends, one day they'll be worth something.

- Creating a print wall, full of pictures. New, old, digital, film. It's all there {or on it's way to that wall.}

-Two words: Lazy Sundays

Has your week been awkward or awesome?