Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crochet is Cool

I feautured an Old Navy Crochet Vest a few posts back, and I got a comment questioning what one would wear this vest with. This really got me thinking, "What in the world would you wear with this {beautiful} vest?" My creative juices were flowing, and these happened to be the product of my styling. {For product info, you can click on the link that's in the title of each set.}

1. Winter Time

Vest- Winter

Underneath the vest, layers are key! Thermal shirts work, specifically that of the striped variety. {Of course!} A coat is indeed essential as well. There are a lot of neutral colors for coats, warm shirts, and boots, so add some color to the outfit with a bright scarf, and some dangling earings.

Vest- Transition

For that awkward transition time between seasons. This is a pretty girly outfit with floral shoes, a pink sweater, the cropped pants, and the crochet vest, so toughen it up a bit with some dark rings and a studded clutch.

Vest- Summer/Spring

A soft purple dress looks great with the dark black vest. A few simple accessories and a great pair of oxfords, and you're all set.

Vest- Summer

This vest works so well for summer, because it's simply a lightweight layer that adds a touch of detail to any basic outfit. Perfect for those warm days when you still want to look cute. {Which is every day of summer, right? Right.}