Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to Battle the Rain: Part 2

You can read part 1 here.

Part 2 is all about attire. Of course, you could always step outside in rain boots and a garbage bag {hello, waterproof outfit. ha!} but what would be the fun in that? Well, there wouldn't be any fun and you'd look weird. What to wear, what to wear...

1. Wear shoes that can handle the rain.

For starters, this clearly eliminates flip flops and sandals. Seriously, you just look like you forgot what season it is. Soggy toes are so not cute. {Actually, that's pretty gross.} Even flats are not the best for the rain, especially because the top of your foot is exposed and your feet will get very, very cold. Plus, you can wear warm socks and keep your feet toasty dry all day.

I know I probably couldn't rock Dr. Martens, but if you can, they're a cute rainy day shoe. These shoes don't have to be rain boots {unless it's a torrential downpour.}

2. Carry a closed bag.

Basically, no open totes or purses. With the price of books these days, you really don't want your books/notebooks/binders/unreasonably priced calculators getting wet. This is rather unfortunate for me, because I have a cute tote I love to use, but it's open. This also brings up the topic of backpacks. I'll admit, I use one! Yeah, sometimes I feel like a 5th grader, but there really is no other reasonable way to lug {yes, lug} around a large quantity of must have stuff.

{Roxy Backpack}, {AE Messenger Bag}

3. Coats

The thing about a coat is that if you're carrying an umbrella, it doesn't need to be 100% waterproof. Furthermore, if you're a layering queen, you might not ever wear a coat {if you have an umbrella.} Really, you have to decide what works best for your weather and outfit. One time, it was raining so hard that even though I had a real {hard core} rain coat on, I still looked like a drowned rat. I probably should have used an umbrella.

4. Umbrellas

I'm personally not a huge umbrella-carrier, because I always feel like a little kid/tourist. But, if I have to be carrying one, it's better to have a cute one than an ugly one!

You could go for a classic black, or spice things up with floral, or an actual flower! How cute is that?!

What are your tips for battling the rain?