Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just A Little Review

A little while ago, I bought the Lauren Conrad Style book for myself. I had heard quite a bit about it, and I was actually pretty curious to see if it was any good. Now, I've never even watched her show, and I don't really "follow" her life {basically, I'm no celeb stalker. But hey, if you are, I won't even judge you!}, so it's not like I bought this because it was Lauren Conrad's book.

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-This book is simple, easy to read, and has lots of pictures {always a plus}. It's written as though Lauren Conrad is having a conversation with the reader, which makes it a pretty enjoyable read.

- There's good, basic information in here regarding fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

- If you're running low on inspiration, you're sure to find at least one new idea in here. Personally, I was inspired by how she took a simple black dress and restyled it a few times. {Below}.

- Even if you have your personal style figured out, there are lots of nice little tips on things such as mixing patterns, and which shoes will look best with which jeans.

-Lauren Conrad also mentions one of the most important ideas in fashion: "There are no rules when it comes to fashion." {Ironic, since this whole book is basically a rule book, but let's just pretend it all works out.}
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- There seems to be a lot of empty space in this book. This is obviously not a huge problem, but it often just looks pretty bare.

- Although the photographs of her are gorgeous, they all are taken the exact same way. It gets a little boring.

- Not all the ideas are practical. Lauren Conrad mentions asking your local shoe boutique about a great cobbler in the area. First of all, there is no shoe boutique in my town that I'm aware of. Secondly, my quick search for a cobbler in the area showed one place that specialized in shoes. Basically, this isn't LA and a variety of shoe cobblers just don't exist here.

- Of course, she is a celebrity, so quite a few of the clothing items she mentions aren't that realistic for your average fashionista. {For lack of a better word...}

- In terms of new ideas, it's very {very, very..} basic. Definitely a "for beginners" type book.

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- This book really doesn't have any ground breaking idea or tips. That said, it's a nice book if you're looking for beginner tips, or even some inspiration. If you're a huge Lauren Conrad fan, then you'll probably enjoy this too. If you want something a little more in depth, try looking at some of these fashion related books.

I'd love to know if anyone else has read the book, and what they think about it!