Friday, March 4, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Friday

So. It has come to this, guys. My first outfit post, conveniently just in time for Awkward and Awesome Friday. I'll admit, the lighting isn't perfect and the location is as exotic as my front door. {Really, guys. It's my door.} But, I did have fun with my mom {thanks!} and I kinda liked how they turned out. So it's a win-win in my book.
{Shoes-Forever 21; Flannel-AE; Blazer-Thrifted; Bag-Alloy}

{Cue hair flips. Awkward!}

-Having my bag fall off my shoulder at school. This caused me to awkwardly carry it as a large clutch and pretend like nothing happened.

- When your attempts to study lead to staring blankly at the page.

- Some of the pictures that resulted from this "photo shoot". Seriously, it's quite awkward.

- That moment when you pull into a parking spot, and then someone starts pulling in on the other side. And then they proceed to take way more than their spot. Hey, dude. I'm parking here too...

- The fact that I kind of match my house with the green.


- My mom! She was willing to take my pictures.

- Mac&Cheese. I know it's not healthy. But I was sooo hungry, and it hit the spot. Mmm.

- Feeling like you did really well on a test. {For once, no joke.}

- Being able to walk faster in these heels than some people can walk in flats. I. Am. A. Champion, guys. {Or people walk really slow...let's go with the first one.}

- Making piƱa colada {minus the rum, of course!} in Spanish class. Despite the fact that it was about 38 degrees outside, it still tasted good.

And that is the end. Whaddya think- more outfit posts, eh? You got it.