Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Essentials: Hayley

Right now, chances are I'm in the car driving {being driven, rather} to my spring break destination where there will be lots of sun snow. Don't fret, though. Hayley, from the fabulous Weekend File is here to talk about Spring. {Plus she lives in California so she knows a little something something about warm weather, and how to look oh so chic in the spring.} Enjoy!


Hey Everyone! Hayley from the Weekend File here! I am a part time barista, and slowly becoming a full time blogger! I live in sunny Southern California with my new little puppy, Lewis, and my charming boyfriend, Geoff. With rolling our clocks back recently, our days are extra long and extra warm and I haven't even had a chance to prepare for Spring. But today's post got me thinking about it. Here are my top 10 must haves for the Spring, and they are all from Forever 21! Totally affordable items that can add that little punch to your wardrobe!


1. Maxi Dress and Floral Prints. This dress is the best of both worlds for me in Spring. Maxi dresses are casual and cool, but still keep you covered up in case it gets cold in the evening (or if your legs still aren't ready to come out of hibernation!). Floral prints are really the epitome of the season and I don't care how you wear them, but its a must! Pull out your old Easter dresses ladies, those babies are back in style this year!

2. Aviators. These sunglasses are oh-co cool and yet oh-so casual they go with nearly every outfit. They really make a simple piece, like just a pair of sunglasses, make a big fashion statement. If you have blonder hair (like I do) I prefer the more golden rimmed lenses, but if you have darker hair, the silver ones look great. Remember, Maverick? Dreamy!!

3. Lightweight Scarves. I am never ready to part with my favorite accessory when winter ends that's why my neck begs for an alternative. Enter the tissue weight scarf. Keep them light and airy, in bright, vibrant colors and it will be a nice way to dress up a plain tee and jeans on the weekend. Also, no sunburns on the back of your neck!

4. Denim button up. The versatility of this piece is unreal. It can be worn over dresses layered over tank tops, tucked in to skirts, and even help trick the eye to the pattern-afraid fashionista. Scared of a floral skirt or white pants? The denim shirt is like a little fashion comfort blankie. Sometimes I get suck in a denim rut, and this is a great way to try a new piece, without it being too over the top.

5. Candy Colored Nails. Put your red nail polish and Lincoln Park After Dark in the back of the drawer and embrace some new colors for the fall. Think of the Easter bag of M&M's and shop accordingly. My favorite is a very matte sea foam green and a bold taupe. These colors are different, festive, and help jazz up everyone's old standard pinks and reds.

6. Turquoise Jewelry. This is one that takes me all the way through summer. I love a bold, blue pendant or sparkly aqua ring. This type of jewelry can be found at just about any jewelry store and matched with just about anything and it adds the post beautiful pops of color in a very traditional way.

7. Strappy Heels. This is like a hybrid of a wedge sandal, a heel, and a flip flop all rolled into one. Spring is the chance to keep your heels a bit higher, the heel a big chunkier and the chance to play with little cut out details and straps. These are the best all rolled into one. And if it is breezy, slip on a nude slight weight sock and keep those toesies warm! It will still be just as cute.

8. Lace Up Oxfords. I remember wearing these as a kid (the classic black and white version) and now they are back with a vengeance. You can get them with laces or without, and in just about every color. If you are looking for an alternative to your winter booties and a before stage to your strappy sandals try playing around with your styling and adding a pair of these babies. They look great with flowing skirts or rolled up jeans. And don't be afraid to look a little Grease and roll your socks down... It's cool again!

9. Graphic Print Tanks. I think I have a whole drawer full of these silky tank tops with all different kinds of prints. It is an easy way to add so much color and vibrancy to any outfit. Paired with a cardigan you have the best of both worlds for a Springy day out and about. And you can pull this look off heading to work to or going out on the town, they are sooo easy to dress up... they are a must have!

10. Western Inspired Leathers. Whether it is a pair of cowboy boots or a belt with western inspired details these accessories look great paired with a white dress or a pair of denim cutoffs. The little details make you think of summery days and the outdoors and add a different take on the classic brown leather belt. And swap out your heavy black, flat boots for a funky pair of tan cowboy boots and you will look like you are spending your weekend on a Texas ranch in the sun!