Friday, April 8, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Friday (+Film!)



-Trying to get around a group of people who are blocking the door. Especially when they don't hear you as you try to say "excuse me" and push past.

- Heading to my 8 am class, only to find out that the room where it's supposed to take place in is the Chinese class. Then waiting for the professor to show up because he too went to the wrong class, and walked in on the beginning of a Chinese lesson.

- Some poems. I mean, some of them are awkward and not meant to be discussed in your American Lit class.

- When you smell a person's perfume/scent from about a mile away, and then when they walk past you it's like your nose is assaulted by that scent. Even if it's a really pretty scent, too much is just not good. Trust me.


- Film! All the above pictures are my recently developed film. For the most part, I think they turned out okay. I love the subtle grains, too. I can't wait to {hopefully} continue shooting some film. Anyone have any special film tricks they go by?

- Petite lap giraffes. Cutest. things. ever. Why can't they be real!?

- Finishing class at 11:20. It's like I have so much time on my hands now. {But not really, because I still have homework and all that other fun stuff.}

- The thermometer read 50 degrees, today, folks. Know what that means? It's spring!

- Funny friends.

How was your week?