Monday, April 11, 2011

I Time Traveled Back to First Grade

This morning was spent tutoring first graders in math. {Ironic, right, since I don't like math myself.} You know, they really do say the darndest things. I mean, today there was the boy jogging into the school saying "Girl cooties, girl cooties!". A few weeks ago, there was the first grader who tried to convince me that 7 plus 5 was 11, and not 12.

I always try to dress fairly casually for these mornings. For me, heels are out because I already tower over the little guys. Dresses and skirts aren't my favorite, either, because sitting in these super tiny first grade chairs in a dress just isn't happening, ya know? Today I went with some color, dark jeans, and accessories.

{A light cargo jacket. It doesn't look military green here, but it sure is. I wore this over a purple sweater.}
{Small cross body bag, with a nice zipper detail.}
{Jewelry is a win in my book if the most unruly first grader actually compliments me on the ring.}

How was your Monday?