Friday, May 13, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Friday


- That picture right up there. Yeah, the one of me in my nerd glasses. That, my dears, is what happens when you're in the car and find an old pair of 3d glasses.

- The other picture up there. Apparently the dog is tired of looking at me and has to sleep facing the cushions.

- When you decide to wear your hair down, and that just happens to be an extremely windy day. Hello hair all over the place.

- Getting a cold in the springtime. This inevitably leads to blowing your nose in class, which is wayyy awkward. But really just embarrassing.

- When Blogger goes down, and then doesn't restore all of your posts :( 


-Mother's Day this past Sunday. The sun was shining, I got to garden (as a gift to my mom), and we had a wonderful BBQ dinner.

- Listening to songs without lyrics. As of late, I'm really enjoying Marley Carroll. {Look up his songs, they're good!}

- Rearranging my room. Doesn't it just make ya feel good?

- Watching old episodes of Hey Arnold with my friends. Please tell me someone else out there really kinda misses the show?

- Did I mention the sun came out for about a day!?

How was your week?