Monday, May 9, 2011

Looking Ahead

This post was originally here, but I liked doing it so much that I decided to give it another go here. I was asked to post about my summer essentials if I was only allowed one duffle bag. Yes, folks. Only one. {I don't know about you, but I find that realllly hard to do.} The weather's not quite summery yet, but I can pretend that I'm able to wear this stuff. It's whatever, ya know. {Oh, and click on the title of each collage to see clothing info.}

1. Tops

Summer Essentials 2

1. Casual, flowy tops that are comfy and chic, as well as a blouse that can be dressed up.
2. Swimsuit, of course, for the lake/pool/ocean/river/puddle.
3. A vest for layering, sweater and military inspired jacket for cooler nights

2. Bottoms
Summer Essentials

1. Dresses! Versatility is key, something for the beach that 
can be dressed up at night.
2. Shorts for the beach, shorts for exploring...
I'd take a denim pair and a cargo short.
3. Pants, for cool evenings or just the rare chilly day. 
4. Skirst are super easy to pack, and once again versatile.

Summer Accessories

1. In terms of shoes, I'd bring a pair of gladiators, a dressy wedge
shoe, and a basic canvas shoe. The latter is especially importany
if you're planning on doing a ton of walking.
2. Sunglasses, for protecting your eyes and looking cool
 and mysterious, obviously.
3. A canvas beach bag and then an every day crossbody bag. 

What are your summer essentials?