Friday, June 10, 2011

Library Trips and Other Awkward Moments

Awkward: My trip to the library. First of all, I had oh, about six books plus my wallet and keys that I was attempting to carry. Then, I did the self checkout and asked why my card barcode was showing up as someone elses. Turns out that was actually the book barcode. My bad.
Awesome: Shopping for summer clothes! I got the shirt above and another flowy top, as well as the pair of shorts below. I really tried not to buy stripes, but you all know how that goes. 

Double Awesome: The top and shorts are from a local store, which means a) I didn't have to drive more than two minutes and b) I payed less. Saving money is always awesome.
Awkward: The word classic. As I was putting the type in that picture, I had to make sure it was spelled right. After you look at it for a while, you'll do the same thing, trust me. 

Double Awkward {Or Double Funny, I Can't Decide. Maybe Both}: Overhearing the debate from some friends sitting next to me in class about whether it was "Tank Top Wednesday" or "Sweats Wednesday", and then again today if it was "Flannel Friday" or not. Did I mention these were guys having this debate?
^^This will be me this weekend. I've got big plans. Sleep. Homework. Eat. Repeat. 

How was your week?

PS: I just got PhotoShop, and am pretty overwhelmed! If anyone has any cool tips/tricks/suggestions, let me know.