Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my safari shirt

When I first got this button up shirt, I sorta kinda thought it resembled a safari shirt, but I didn't think it was too obviously similar. Turns out everyone else sees the resemblance, though, because throughout the day I was complimented on how cute my "safari shirt" was. Hey, I'll take it. Safaris are pretty sweet things.
Instead of wearing it loose and drapey, I tucked it in to a basic black skirt and belted it with a floral belt. For the record, I avoided any safari looking vests and binoculars.
I wore this safari shirt to the local elementary school, where I helped out with some first graders by testing their counting abilities. Turns out that nothing has changed from last year, and first graders still say the darndest things. One little guy proudly told me, "I could count to a million, but that would take a few days." Another one told me, "I have so many talents I don't even know what to do with them all."

Ah, to have the confidence of a first grader.

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