Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Love Your Body Day

I'm always confident with my body and never have issues with it. The end.

^^ Haha, just kidding. Here's the real deal.

The combination of being active because of sports, and naturally thin means that I usually shouldn't worry about my weight. But shouldn't doesn't always mean don't. I think what some people don't realize is that just because you don't think someone should be self conscious doesn't mean they won't be. Now, I'm all for confidence about myself and my body, and not being negative, but the reality is that there are some days where I'll have zero confidence in my body. It's life. The important thing for me, then, is when it comes to comparisons. If I start finding worth in who I am compared to someone else, I will literally never. be. happy. Society is kinda weird, ya know? If you get down on yourself because of your body, then people get on you for that. But if you're always confident and about it, people start to think you're cocky or self-absorbed.

I know people are always hating on people who say "I wish I would gain weight", and while I've never been to that point, I have been called frail, and for an athlete, that is no bueno. I guess the point of that is to say being can be self conscious because they think they're too big, or too small. 

It's certainly a journey, loving your body. While I know I won't wake up every day thinking "Wow I'm hot," I think there's a lot to be learned in the process. For one thing, I'm learning weight doesn't matter when it's track season and I'm running six days a week. Weight doesn't matter when I come home from a soccer game feeling accomplished. Weight doesn't matter when you feel healthy and step out in a little black dress. Sometimes, the number on the scale just doesn't matter.

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