Monday, February 13, 2012

17 || Things


I've had this blog for a long time. Freshman year of high school, actually. I'm currently a senior in high school, and boy howdy has a lot changed. {Warning: this may get cliche and/or cheesy.} Honestly, without this blog I'd probably still be stuck in the sad fashion hole I was in before. Long story short, I thought I'd share the top 17 things {since I'm 17.. clever, eh} I've learned through blogging about myself or style or life. {Keep in mind I've had my blog since FRESHMAN year. So what may seem like an obvious thing to know wasn't so obvious as a lowly freshman...}

1. A pair of dark wash bootcut jeans will always look good.

2. Black and brown and even navy can be worn together and not look disastrous.

3. All of the awful outfits of the past were worth it now that I'm finding my style.

4. Inspiration is everywhere.

5. Just because my town is known as "fashionable" doesn't mean I can't be.

6. Heels are not just for fancy events.

7. "Dressing up" is fun.

8. People tell you to pick out an outfit the night before. I've learned I'll never make time to do that.

9. You don't have to choose between athlete or "fashionista". It's not an either/or. You can be both.

10. Wearing all black doesn't make you "emo".

11. Being an artist doesn't mean you have to draw well. You can be an artist with your words, your clothing, your photography, your designs...

12. Graphic Design is what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. {Heck, as long as I'm not working the job I have now I'll be ok}

13. It doesn't matter where you buy your clothes, it's how you style them.

14. I learned my shoe collection was utterly pathetic.

15. It's ok to have bad pictures of yourself. (Ahem ^^).

16. People won't always understand what you're wearing, but if you do, then it doesn't matter.

17. Stop comparing. {Mom, I give credit to you here. Nuff said.}