Wednesday, June 13, 2012


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(From left to right)
1. Heading to a Sounders game with the boy's soccer team because that's how I roll. (No but seriously, they're like brothers so it's whatevs.)
2. Exploring near the Elwha. Without the dam its changed so much!
3. Partying hard on prom night with sparkling cider. No big deal guys.
4. Driving into the mountains in June apparently means it's going to be cold.
5. The only way to survive some mornings. Nom nom nom.
6. Reminiscing. My friends and I wonder why we were so weird...I mean, we took pictures with our friends dad, ok.

I graduate Friday. Half of me can't wait, half of me doesn't want to leave (sob story, right!?). In August, I'll be heading down to California for college, and so right now I've just been focused on finishing the year and enjoying it with all my friends. Sometimes, life just has to come before blogging. (Crazy, right.)

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer, when things die down on the crazy scale that is my life I'll be back with um...not so random...posts (ahem. this one.) Love ya all!