Wednesday, October 3, 2012

short problem

 Washington problem #1027: not owning enough shorts.

This may seem like a trivial problem to most, but trust me, in the past month of living in California I've probably worn shorts more times than I have in the past few years in Washington (I mean that may be a slight exaggeration but still...) It's October, and I've still only worn pants once. It's almost too weird to comprehend. With that said, I'm definitely looking out for shorts that I can add to my wardrobe. Right now I'm loving the high waisted look, as well as shorts with bright colors or interesting prints.

Oh, and quick college update in three lines or less:

1. I miss home cooked meals. A lot.
2. This blog is still important, please don't think I've abandoned it. The amount of time I have for it has changed.
3. I cheated and this is a fourth line. I like college. A lot.

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