Sunday, May 5, 2013

a birthday dress

Five things to take away from this post //

1. I like Target. A lot.
2. I have left over birthday balloons in
my room and they show up in these awkward,
selfie-like outfit photos. My bad.
3. My amazing friends know me well and gave this
dress to me as a birthday gift. Just getting around to
wearing it now but it's whatever, ya know.
4. I'm on summer vacation? Um, excuse me... how
did that even happen so fast? But I'm kinda glad it did.
5. According to this blog I only wear these boots, dresses,
and a jean jacket. Um...I promise, I don't repeat outfits that 

Side note: apologies in advance if I blind you with my
white legs. Contrary to popular belief, I do actually go
to my classes in California and so my legs seem to maintain
that nice Washington-vampire-esque look. But I mean, that's a
thing, right? Or are vampires no longer cool? .........